Why Eastchester voters should vote for Tara Conte, and not take two steps back with Sheila Marcotte!

Eastchester Democratic Committee
Oct 13 2020

Sheila Marcotte was the deciding 3rd vote to set Eastchester back 20 years. We won't forget.

Excerpt from the New York Times, February 13, 2005, Opinion Westchester written by former Republican Supervisor Jim Cavanaugh.


Eastchester FOUR years ago, Eastchester became the first town in New York to grant health benefits for the domestic partners of gay employees. Recently, in a remarkable display of regression, the Town Board voted 3 to 2 to end them. This is a shame for several reasons.

The sad truth is that the decision was about morality, not money. My successor, Supervisor Anthony Colavita, gamely claimed the town was simply trying to save money by eliminating the benefits. Yet they were used by only one person for a cost of $6,000 out of a $3 million benefits budget. That's less than 19 cents per year for each of Eastchester's 32,000 residents.

Family First, a local organization that opposes same-sex benefits and worked to defeat me in the 2003 Republican primary for supervisor, repeatedly characterized the benefits as a threat to families. On the Sunday before the election, Eastchester parishes distributed bulletins saying that preservation of family values was the most important issue for voters in the contest for supervisor.

Read the full New York Times Op-Ed here.

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