Presidential Election 2020 - Latest

Eastchester Democratic Committee
Feb 12 2019

As Democrats announce their candidacy for President in 2020, or as previously discussed possible candidates announce they are not running, we'll post the information here. We will do this for all Democrats that issue Presidential campaign press releases. None of these links are meant as an endorsement, but are an opportunity to share important information with Democratic members of our community. We hope you find this information very useful and that it helps you fine tune your search for a candidate to campaign for and support.

Democratic Candidates That Have Announced Their Candidacy for President to Date:

Corey Booker, United States Senator, New Jersey

Amy Klobuchar, United States Senator, Minnesota

Elizabeth Warren, United States Senator, Massachusetts

Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator, New York

Kamala Harris, United States Senator, California

Julian Castro, Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

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