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A New Direction for Eastchester

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Oct 02 2021

MyHometownBronxville Letter to the Community: A New Direction for Eastchester

As published in MyHometownBronxville
by Niamh Hartnett Merluccio

Sept. 15, 2021: For the first time in 30 years Democrats have a full slate of candidates, for Supervisor and two council seats, running for Eastchester Town Board.

Elections will take place on Nov. 2nd and during early and absentee voting. The Village of Bronxville is a part of the Town of Eastchester. We pay Eastchester taxes, we use Eastchester resources, and we vote in Eastchester elections. We’re calling our slate Eastchester Now, because now is the time for a new direction for Eastchester.

As a Bronxville resident for the past 24 years, I am proud to be one of the candidates for Town Board, alongside Eileen DeLucia, and John Eickemeyer who is our nominee for Supervisor.

*Pictured (L-R): DeLucia, Eickemeyer, Merluccio*

We are running because we believe that Eastchester deserves a Town Board that takes a 21st Century approach in planning for the future. Under the watch of Town Supervisor Tony Colavita, there has been no town master plan updated for over 24 years – and the existing master plan has been largely ignored. The simple fact is that the present Town administration is responsive only to a small group of political insiders who shut out differing views and whose main goal is to keep it that way.

The Eastchester Now slate wants to bring fresh new ideas that benefit Bronxville and Tuckahoe, starting with five key points:

  1. Fostering greater citizen participation in addressing local issues.
  2. Supporting local businesses and revitalizing our town and village centers.
  3. Launching green initiatives and improving our parks and playing fields.
  4. Promoting community policing to keep our homes and families safe.
  5. Developing partnerships between the town and the villages.

This election is particularly important for those of us in Bronxville. Our Village currently has no representation on the Town Board. That means we have no voice in how our tax dollars are spent by the Town. We all learned as children that taxation without representation is wrong. But Eastchester Now offers us the choice to have that voice – and I look forward to being Bronxville’s voice on the Town Board

It’s on all of us to have the difficult yet critical conversation as to where the Town of Eastchester goes next. Are we content with local government that doesn’t think twice about policies riddled with discrimination. A town board that believes that money from Albany comes with strings attached and would rather not fund local initiatives to benefit all the residents of Eastchester. Are we ready for a new chapter in Eastchester, Bronxville, and Tuckahoe – one with a better future for our children and those who live here?

We’ll be working hard until November to earn your support. But we’ll need your help to win this. You can find us at to learn more about where we stand, and our vision for a better Eastchester. I’m counting on Bronxville to come out and vote, and Bronxville can count on me.

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